Geo-Challenge Club
The Geo-Challenge Club (Geography Club) meets three Mondays a month from 3:15pm-4:00 pm. It is open to fourth through eighth graders. The purpose of the club is to offer geography enrichment in a fun and exciting way. The meeting time is split between learning atlas skills and playing geography games. Since the atlas skills are challenging we look for serious minded students to participate.
Recycling Club
The Recycling Club meets monthly throughout the year to tend to the needs of the classrooms and engages in a campus-wide recycling effort to push for a greener school and planet! The school currently recycles paper on campus through a program with S and P Chemical. The school also recycles plastics and aluminum and takes that to the local recycling center.
Gardening "Diggers" Club
The Diggers Club meets monthly throughout the year to garden and rework the flower beds in front of the building, develop a composting area for future soil use and are working towards developing a Carolina Garden that will be certified by the state. The students also grow vegetables during the spring and fall months while learning the techniques and processes of gardening. Students have also participated in a campus clean-up where debris and other trash were removed from the campus.
Drama Club
The Drama Club meets both in the fall and spring. Under the direction of Mrs. Coffman and Mr. Gabrielson, students work on SCISA Literary contests and other performances throughout the year. Students in grades Pre-K through Five work on one performance for the spring and the middle school also puts on a musical in the spring.
South Carolina Independent School Association
St. Peter's participates in SCISA events throughout the year. Most notably, the students participate in the Literary Meet, Quiz Bowl, Spelling Bee, Drama Competitions and Music Competitions.
St. Peter's Athletic Department houses three major sports throughout the year-cross country for students 4th grade – 8th grade, middle school boys and girls basketball and soccer and middle school boys baseball. The school has an outdoor basketball facility and soccer complex. The school also has a passive park in the courtyard for children to play.
School of Religion
Under the direction of Deacon Lacombe, and with the assistance of the classroom teachers, students are prepared for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation during their time at St. Peter's. Reconciliation and Holy Communion are reserved for 2nd graders and Confirmation for eight graders.
Altar Servers
Altar Servers are from grades three through eight and begin as candle bearers before working their way up the ranks. Students meet periodically, after school, with Sister Bernadette, in the church. Students are expected to have a perfect attendance record as an Altar Server and are asked to not only serve on the weekends, but throughout the week during the weekly special Masses, such as funerals and Holy Days.
Under the direction of Mrs. Feltner, students in grades 7 and 8 create and design the school's yearbook. Students dedicate at least one afternoon a week to constructing the yearbook and students throughout the year are asked to attend various functions in order to take candid photos of the school in action.
Art Club
The art club, under the direction of Mrs. Trumps, is designed to help students who have a passion or strong interest in art take their abilities to the next level. Mrs. Trumps has created the club to meet in six week long increments throughout the year with different age groups getting the chance to participate. There is a nominal fee to participate.
Extended Day Care
The school offers Extended Day Care Monday through Friday from 3:00-5:30 PM. It is a pre-paid program and all information can be found in the main office. Students engage in completing their homework and participate in outside activities.