Admissions/Enrollment Policy
A. Enrollment:
  1. Current students have admission preference for the next academic year.
  2. Families with a child already enrolled in St. Peter's Catholic School will have the first priority for filling a vacant position.
  3. Children of active parishioners will have second priority (active entails regular use of parish contribution envelopes, etc. and/or pastor supporting documents
  4. Non-Catholic students whose parents accept the philosophy of St. Peter's School will be accepted on a space available basis.
  5. Principal's discretion may be used on all applicants.
  6. Enrollment may be delayed or denied if instructional fees are not paid within ten days of receiving acceptance letter.
B. Registration Age Requirements: K-3 through Grade 8
  1. To enter K-3, a child must be age three (3) by September 1, and potty trained.
  2. To enter K-4 (pre-kindergarten), a child must be age four (4) by September 1.
  3. To enter K-5 (kindergarten), a child must be age five (5) by September 1.
  4. To enter grade one, a child must be six (6) by September 1. If a child has successfully completed a kindergarten program in a state with a different cut-off date, a first grade placement may be made.
C. Admission Policy:
  1. Admission is not final until all of the following steps are completed AND accepted by the school. The following information must be provided at the time of registration:
    • Verification of active parish affiliation/stewardship
      • Use of weekly envelopes or automatic deposit (Catholic applicants only)
    • Health Records
    • Immunization Records
    • Birth Certificate
    • Baptismal Certificate (Catholic applicants only)
    • Report Cards
    • Standardized Test Results
    • Record of IEP
  2. St. Peter's Catholic School is aware that some children have been diagnosed to have special needs. It is the parent's responsibility to provide documentation and information to the principal, prior to registration, regarding personal conditions which may require special services by the school. Each situation will be evaluated from the perspective of the educational standards of the school and the ability to meet the needs of the child. St. Peter's School will cooperate with the public school system in allowing classified students to avail themselves of needed services. St. Peter's School is not equipped to provide the services for special education students.
  3. The following will be used for placement of children into their appropriate class in consultation with the principal:
    1. Entry into grade one from St. Peter's Catholic School Kindergarten: The Kindergarten teacher's evaluation of the child's Kindergarten performance and growth will be used.
    2. Entry into grade one from a kindergarten other than St. Peter's Catholic School: A request will be made to the child's parents to have all school records including Health Records released to St. Peter's Catholic School.
    3. Entry into grades two through eight.
      • The parents of the child will be asked to have all school records, including standardized test results, released and sent to St. Peter's School.
      • All students entering St. Peter's School are subject to a forty five day review to determine the success of the child in becoming a positive member of the St. Peter's School community.
  4. St. Peter's School reserves the right to dismiss a student where it judges it best for the student and/or the school.

Enrollment Forms