St. Peter's Catholic School exists to provide an atmosphere of Catholic Christian community in which faith is integrated in math, science, social studies, art, music, library, physical education, and computer studies. Our education emphasizes Catholic, Christian values and prioritizes eternal values over temporal concerns.

The school community is concerned with the formation of the whole child: spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual, and social. Teachers are both instructors and moral examples to students. We believe in discipline, as practiced in schools founded by St. John Bosco, using reason, faith and kindness.

Our students should graduate with a love for God, an appreciation for academic excellence, and a respect for self and others.

Non-parishioners (Catholics and non-Catholics) are welcomed and encouraged to enroll their children in St. Peter's Catholic School. St. Peter's Catholic School will affirm and foster Catholic Christian virtues and values to all.

Our Program
St. Peter's Catholic School offers a program to all students that is academically rigorous and spiritually enriching. Our curriculum is guided by the nationally validated Core Knowledge program which leads to the development of culturally literate students who have mastered the blend of content, concepts, and skills which defines the educated person.

Our middle school program offers high school credit courses in Algebra I and II, and Spanish I and II to students who have demonstrated the ability to complete these courses at an appropriate level of achievement. Starting in K-4 and continuing thru eighth grade, the Spanish program affords graduating middle school students the opportunity to be bilingual.

Our Education Objectives
To incorporate Catholic, spiritual values in all learning; primarily, to promote a love of God and neighbor.

To create teaching environments that impart knowledge, develop intellectual skills, deepen insights, and encourage aesthetic appreciation.

To enable students to form relationships based on mutual respect and Christic love as well as to develop a positive self-concept.

To value and to recognize the uniqueness of each student, teacher and staff member.

To develop a balanced level of physical fitness through team and individual sports and to maintain good health habits.

St. Peter's Catholic School History

Established in 1991 under the leadership of Msgr. Martin T. Laughlin, St. Peter's Catholic School began as a Pre-Kindergarten through First Grade school in educational wing of St. Peter's Catholic Church and Social Hall. Through the support of the parishioners and the vision of the pastor, St. Peter Catholic School was built in 1995 at its current location. The purpose of the building was to be two-fold—it was to serve the students of the school and to serve the students of the Parish School of Religion. To this day, the Catechetical Educational Center continues this service to both ministries.

One of the first principals of St. Peter's, Sister Adana of the Sisters of Mercy in Philadelphia, helped to create the foundations and standards that carry through the school today. Throughout the years, changes came with a new pastor, Father Ron Cellini, and a new principal, Mr. William “Bill” Gabrielson. The two men shaped the academic program and continued to add a grade throughout the years until St. Peter became a Pre-Kindergarten through Eight Grade school.

Today, St. Peter's Catholic School serves the greater Beaufort community. Located on Lady’s Island and just minutes from downtown Beaufort, the school offers an academic program that is challenging and sound and a spiritual program that is rooted in Gospel values. Students who attend St. Peter Catholic School are provided the strong foundations that are necessary to succeed in high school and beyond and the religious guidance needed to carry on the faith as they move forward in their spirituality. St. Peter Catholic School is accredited by the South Carolina Independent School Association and a recognized member of the Diocese of Charleston and National Catholic Educational Association.